Join us for Vancouver's 1st RubyCamp this Saturday from 9-5


   First a big thanks to our prime sponsor Engine Yard (http:// and our supporting sponsor ActiveState (http:// for helping us with the rental fee at WorkSpace and
supporting Vancouver's 1st RubyCamp to bring together Rubyists and
Railers from Western Canada, the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

== Schedule ==

Doors will open at 9 o'clock and we will kick-off "Camp"-style with a
talk scheduling session starting 9:15.

The idea is that everyone interested in presenting gives a two/three
minute summary and than we arrange the schedule and room assignments
depending on interest and expected audience and start off with the
first talks at 9:30.

  For the non-hack-a-thon we will have 45 minutes slots:
   Lunch Break
   The End

   For upcoming talks, please see our wiki @

   If you plan to speak tomorrow, just add yourself to the wiki to
help us with the scheduling and planning. We accept last minute talks.

   See you all tomorrow.


PS: Thanks to our sponsors: //

PPS: To find out more about Vancouver's 1st RubyCamp stop at our event
site @