jeditable make entire table row editable

jeditable helps you click on a table cell and edit it. but how could i
click anywhere on the cell and make all the cells in that row editable?

I have searched for about 3 hours and tried a few things and i can't
seem to get it.

has anybody done it before? can u point me to the right direction?

even if its not using jeditable would be fine, as long as i can make the
whole table row editable. any javascript solution would be fine.

please help

I´m looking for a simular solution, I want to have one common button to submit multiple jeditable fields.
found this site, but havent been able to look deeper into it yet, Maybe its what you looking for.

Otherwise i know that you can initiate jeditable to multiple fields and submit them individually.

Yeah, looked into them, they make my brain explode =P