Javascript Testing Framework

I have recently begun learning test driven development with rails. I
have been using Test::Unit and so far I am learning a lot. I want to
start looking at testing javscript. I was wondering what Javscript
testing frameworks the rails community recommends. I did a google
search and found QUnit and JSpec.

Does anybody have any experience with these frameworks, or is there
another one that is better?

Thanks in advance,

Alex Shenoy

Have you heard about Jasmine?


I've used YUItest: and it works
pretty well.

That looks really good. I like that there is a Gem for it. I installed
it for one of my apps. I'll give it a go.


Alex Shenoy

At Arrrrcamp, Jonas Nicklas explained us about Evergreen as a packaged gem

for jasmine (



QUnit is a javascript test suit used by jQuery project team.