Javascript not loading

he dropdowns in my rails 4.x app were working fine in development mode. I made some changes and the dropdowns stopped working.

If I do an inspect element in chrome it looks lie a lot of the resources aren't loading. (The style sheet must be loading at least once I would presume).

I did do an assets precompile which fixed some issues previously such as the logo not appearing..

My main questions are:

1. Do the errors have any relation to the problems I'm having (Dropdowns and assets not showing?)

2. If there really is a problem with javascript loading, what can I do to fix it.

Rails 4.x




You should not have to do assets:precompile in development mode, if doing it made a difference then that is odd. I suggest you roll back in your git repository (or whatever you use for source control) till you get to a working system and then work forwards again to work out what the problem is.

If you are not using source control then start that before doing anything else. Then look at the html source in the browser and see if the data for the dropdowns looks ok. You don't need javascript for a select box.

Have you changed anything in config/environment/production.rb?