Javascript Mouseover in a link_to method

Hi all, I'm new to all this rails stuff, just a quick and easy one I'm sure. I'm needing to create a rollover javascript action(a blind_down) and can do that when a link is clicked, but how do I make it do this when the link_to is rolled over rather than clicked?

Got this in my menu:   <span id="menu">     <%= link_to "HOME", :controller => "store",                     :action => 'index'%> |     <%= link_to "SERVICES", :controller => "store",                        :action => 'services' %> |     <%= link_to "WORKSHOPS", :controller => "workshop",                                            :action => 'index'%> |     <%= link_to "DARKROOM HIRE",:controller => "darkroom",                                      :action => 'index'%> |     <%= link_to "GALLERY", :controller => "gallery",                                 :action => 'index' %> |     <%= link_to "PRINT SALES", :controller => "printsales",                                             :action => 'index' %> |     <%= link_to "CONTACT", :controller => "contact",                                 :action => 'index' %><br/>   </span> I have a div under it that is style="display:none", but I want it to display when a link_to from above is rolled over. Just not sure where to put the code exactly.

Thanks, Cam

use onmouseover instead of onclick

I'm not using onclick anywhere?

link_to ‘HOME’, { :controller => :store }, :onmouseover => ‘alert(“Mouseover!”)’

Ahh, Thankyou so much, been trying to work that out for ages.