javascript flash messages gem?

Does anybody knows a gem for managing flash messages? I would want to add messages to the flash div in the client. Bootstrap support is a plus.

Why do you need a gem to manage them? What features would you want the gem to have?

Why? To lazy to write it


RailsFlash.warn("some message"); // Insert div with bootstrap class

and message

Clearly, you’re too lazy to even search for it.


I would suggest probably wrapping this thing up with some javascript assets to give you access to an object you can call to say “Give me them messages”.

Think about using an engine.


Thanks for the pointer Dheeraj. However, this is not what I was
asking for. We already have this in our server-side views. What I am
looking for is a javascript for creating them in client-side.

This is what I am looking for :slight_smile:

I ended up creating the gem for lazy people like me: