JasperReports and Ruby on Rails = disappeared?

I've been working for the last two weeks to follow the instructions
for integrating Jasper Reports ( iReport) with Ruby on Rails and was
ready to take the last steps when the article at
suddenly disappeared?
Does anyone out there have a copy of this or be willing to converse
upon how they accomplished this feat.
I've gotten to where I export XML data and am able to use iReport to
make it look good.
Now, I need examples of the code in Ruby on Rails where I call the
report. I seem to recall there was a helper and a model that worked
together but???

Here is what google cached:


Does that help?



The wiki has been switched over to the new implementation. The old
can still be found at oldwiki.rubyonrails.org. So your link would now


The wiki admins are working on a solution for handling the missing
pages that's
a little more helpful.

--Matt Jones