JasperReports and Ruby on Rails = disappeared?

I've been working for the last two weeks to follow the instructions for integrating Jasper Reports ( iReport) with Ruby on Rails and was ready to take the last steps when the article at http://wiki.rubyonrails.org/rails/pages/howtointegratejasperreports suddenly disappeared? Does anyone out there have a copy of this or be willing to converse upon how they accomplished this feat. I've gotten to where I export XML data and am able to use iReport to make it look good. Now, I need examples of the code in Ruby on Rails where I call the report. I seem to recall there was a helper and a model that worked together but??? David

Here is what google cached:


Does that help?



The wiki has been switched over to the new implementation. The old wiki can still be found at oldwiki.rubyonrails.org. So your link would now be:


The wiki admins are working on a solution for handling the missing pages that's a little more helpful.

--Matt Jones