Jackbox Release Candidate 2

Today we released Jackbox RC2.

With this release we have concluded the upgrade of the inheritance model and are gearing up for version 1.0. The inheritance model in Jackbox now has to concurring aspects. First, there is the now well known Versioned Inheritance. This form of inheritance takes all pre-existing methods and makes them part of your new Injector version for use.

With RC2 however, we have added a new aspect to this design pattern. We have called Just-in-Time Inheritance for lack of a better term (taking suggestions), and because it self-injects ancestor function just at it is need by your code. In this way our modular closures are endowed now with a similar model of inheritance as you would find in classes, all happening in the mix-in however.

Also in this release we have made some improvements to the VMC (virtual method cache), numerous updates, introduced more examples, and once updated the documents. One major perhaps incompatible change is the reversal in the ordering of how injectors are added an presented. We are now following in line with Ruby which handles ancestor precedence in a left to right order instead of the other way around. This was perhaps an oversight on our part, but anyway, it has now been corrected.

Once again we would like to Thank everyone who has shown there support through the numerous emails we have received and, also once again we hope we have met with your expectations.

Thank you, kindly,


What happened to your contest?

We will be announcing the winner of the Challenge on Tuesday of next week.

Thanks, so much.

Sorry for the double post from Ruby Forum