iText, Rails, and OS X

I have the need to take existing PDFs and populate them with data entered via HTML forms. Data saved to database, entered in to PDF file, PDF file with data archived, and then distributed va email and/or download.

The languuage I previous did all my web work in, Lasso, had this stuff built in, but it appears not to be so with Ruby or Rails.

The latest info I can find on this is a year old now, and involves a lot of DIY Java and RJB -- not particularly interested in having to go that route.

Has someone made the integration of iText and Ruby on OS X something of a click & go process yet?

-- gw (


load the plugin pdf-stamper from ruby forge
install rjb and itext
rest is easy

I am trying to solve to capture the data from inline pdf via acrojs
I get the parameter string back to the controller action, but the
action does not recognize it.
Once I solved that, it will be a complete solution.