Iterating through hash to line up dates correctly in a table

I have a simple table right now:

<table border=1>   <tr>     <td>OBS Number</td>     <% for week in @week_endings%>       <td><%=week.week_ending%></td>     <%end%>   </tr>   <%@results.keys.each do |result| %>     <tr>       <td><%=result%></td>       <% @results[result].each do |test| %>         <td>Date: <%= test[0] %> - Hours: <%= test[1] %></td>       <%end%>     </tr>   <%end%> </table>

@week_endings contains dates that are applicable to my @results object which is a nested hash of ID's containing dates which have associated values.

After I setup my header which would look like: OBS Number 01-04-2008 01-11-2008

I would like to iterate through my hash and where the data applicable, place it in the table in the column containing the date it pertains to.

So a row would look like the following with the hash: {"25",{"01-04-2008","5.0"},{"01-11-2008","10.0"}} {"30",{"01-11-2008","10.0"}}

OBS Number 01-04-2008 01-11-2008 25 5.0 10.0 30 0.0 10.0

Where I'm building my rows using my hash with the following: <%@results.keys.each do |result| %>     <tr>       <td><%=result%></td>       <% @results[result].each do |test| %>         <td>Date: <%= test[0] %> - Hours: <%= test[1] %></td>       <%end%>     </tr>   <%end%>[/code] I would think I could use my @week_endings object...

So something along the lines of for result   for week     if result.week == week      <td>value     else      <td>0   end end

An value for a day for given ID may not exist. So if could have a value for the 11th but not the 4th so I need to skip by the 4th by putting a 0 in the field and move on to the 11th and insert that value.

But when I tried to code that my values weren't printing correctly.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, sorry if this comes off as confusing, I tried to make it sound as simple as possible :slight_smile: I can always elaborate if needed.