Issues with the "getting started" guide? (turbolinks error)

Hi folks, I’m working my way through the getting started guide to learn RoR. My blog application works, but when I create or edit a post or comment, the page does not redirect has intended, it just sits there. I looked at the browser console and see this error “Uncaught TypeError: Turbolinks.controller is undefined”

I understand this is some turbolinks issue. But I’m just following the steps of the guide so… shouldn’t it just work? Am I supposed to configure something else?


I would suggest to post the details of your system configuration (those mentioned in the guide, like rails/ruby/node etc) as well as pushing the code you got so far to a repo so it’s easier to look at.

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duh… now I feel dumb. Was using rails 5.x! upgrading to 6 solved the problem! thanks :slight_smile:

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