Issues with sending HTML-mail


Im running an application sending quite a few emails to members. Im
building the emails with your every day ActionMailer builders, setting
the content_type to "text/html" and charset to "utf-8".

Now im hearing reports from some of our members that the emails show up
as plain html-text in their clients. One such case is a user running
the DWmail web based email client.
( The website states that
the client is supporting html mail, and the user in question doesnt
experience the problem with other distributors of html-mail.

Could this be related to some rails-issue, and if so are there any
tickets in the track?

Or, could i build my emails in some other way to extend the

Richard Johansson


sending HTML mail (half offtopic here I guess) is very fragile. Here's all
the headers that I *had* to use to make all webmail clients, even the
totall broken IncrediMail & Co, and IMP (which is extremely anal retentive
about standards, but at least *right*) display my mails correctly.

        Content-Type: text/html;
        MIME-Version: 1.0

The "Charset" has to be capital C and indented with a TAB or 8 spaces
(otherwise some webmail clients choke on the mail). The MIME-Version: 1.0
is required by at least IMP. Some won't display the mail if it doesn't have
a correctly formatted From: and To: header - "From:
undisclosed-recipients:;" for example, has to have colon AND semicolon.

But my guess is that you forgot MIME-Version. :wink: