issues with openid


I'm trying to use openid but I always get that "undefined method
`using_open_id?'" I did put require 'openid' on top of my controller,
is there anything else I should include?

this is my checklogin function:

def checklogin
     if using_open_id?
     elsif params[:login]
       password_authentication(params[:login], params[:password])

thanx in advance


any idea? :slight_smile:

thanx I got to workalready since yesterday and it was because I didn't
install OpenIdAuthentication indeed :slight_smile:

I still have a problem though, though it allows the user to login, it
won't create it in the database:

I use this function:
def open_id_authentication
       authenticate_with_open_id do |result, identity_url|
         if result.successful?
           if self.current_user =
              redirect_to(:action => 'login')
       flash[:warning] = message
             failed_login "Sorry, no user by that identity URL exists
           failed_login result.message

and that part:
if self.current_user = User.find_or_create_by_identity_url(identity_url)
              redirect_to(:action => 'login')

seems to be ignored for some reason.

any idea what's wrong?