Issue with FckEditor

Hi all

I have integrated fck editor with my application and we all know that
fck stores data in db in form of html

i.e <b> name </b>

so in the output page also we will get the html as text..So the problem
is that it should automatically convert that to html form and display
name in bold which is not happening currently..

Can any one tell me how to do that? Is there any function like in php
its stripslashes to solve the problem...but what about RoR?

Please reply


assuming a table pages with a column content:

@page = Page.find(...)

<%= @page.content(session[:language]) if @page -%>

works fine with tinyMCE, but should be all the same for FCK (or whatever
html in your db)

Thorsten Mueller wrote:

sorry, copy pasted that from my code,
session[:language] makes no sense, this is all you should need:

<%= @page.content -%>

the "if @page" part may be useful if you're not sure, that the query
will return something