Issue 5688: Mapping to a redirect route with a param can result in URI::InvalidURIError

Hi everyone,

I was looking into while
doing some weekend hacking.

I think I've got it fixed but can't figure out how to write a test for
this, since any attempt to create a mock request with an invalid url
like /foo/view/1234> is inadvertently caught by calls to URI.parse in
test helpers. I've added a workaround for the calls to URI in
ActionDispatch's integration.rb, but something similar happens again
in rack-test's test.rb. Not being able to test drive this leaves me
very uncomfortable.

I'm looking at the Rails codebase after a couple of years now, and
much of it is new to me - any help would be appreciated. My fix as it
stands is at

Sidu Ponnappa.