Is there any simple deployment tool for rails app?

Hi I am new to RoR.

I am on a mission to deploy my SpreeCommerce store to my VPS. It looks like a simple task but I have been working on it for 3 days.

Installing Spree and running it on development mode is a piece of cake. But I have no experience on deploying the app and automating the service on VPS.

Here is my plan:

Deploy it on a Puma web server using Nginx as a reverse proxy server.

Use some auto deployment tool (such as Capistrano or Phusion Passenger) to deploy it as a service so I don’t need to monitor the server manually.

What I have done:

installed Puma and run SpreeCommerce 3.0 on Puma web server,

Config Nginx to run my SpreeCommerce rails app on my VPS ip.

Now I need to use a deployment tool to deploy it as a service,

I have looked into Capistrano. I know it can do a lot of jobs, such as data migration and pulling source from a repository. But to be honest all I want is to deploy my

online store as a service on my VPS so I can start and stop it and run it at background. Capistrano is too much for me and the configuration looks so daunting.

Can I still find a simpler way to do what I need? Hope you can give me some suggestions. Thank you.



OK now I know what I actually need. I just need a Puma daemon service. I have found this link:
Hope it will help me. I will test it in the afternoon.