Is there a rails Gimp plugin?

In my app pictures can be uploaded. I want to do two things to the

1- Add a watermark
2- Add an effect to the picture (colorize)

I can do that manually with Gimp and then upload. But how could I make
the application to that automatically? Any suggestions for plugins?

As others have said... imagemagick... but Gimp can be scripted I believe as well... not sure you want to install Gimp on your server, but it's a possibility... no idea how well the scripted side of it works...

For what the original poster wants to do, it would be a very bad solution. Scripting Gimp is a good solution for when you have to get repetitive work done in Gnome or KDE, not for doing it from a web app. RMagick is just great for that kind of thing, it has those features and with the newest version you don’t have to worry about garbage collection anymore. It does require a fair amount of memory, but Gimp won’t be an improvement, that’s for sure.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt


I have hosted shared server so I might not be able to use Gimp in any
case. But I hope RMagick is ok to use in that server (Bluehost, btw...)

Thanks for the comments!