is there a "has_one ..., :through" ?

I have found a few posts on various sites that this was something that was going to be available. The posts were all over a year ago, but it doesn't seem like it is available in 1.2 unless I am missing something (which I hope is true)

I have a member and office table that each have an address. Any advice on the best way to do this. I have also seen a few posts saying to use delegates, but without much info on how to do so and I can't find any info on delegates in the docs.

Any advice on the best way to make these relationships is appreciated.


are these the posts youre talking about?

first 2 yes, last one no.

if I take the long approach of creating a get and set method, is there a short way to make the association between the address and member table without having to create a model out of the associative table?

class member ... #properties   def address     if @address.nil?       @address = Address.find_by_member_id( unless @address.nil?     @address   end

  def address=(value)     @address = value   end

  #methods   def after_insert     #connect the tables here   end ... end

or there is this way, but now I have a address collection within the model. It is rather difficult to believe that Rails would not have a better way of making associations of this sort.

class Member   has_and_belongs_to_many :addresses, :join_table => :members_addresses

  #properties   def address     return self.addresses[0] unless self.addresses.nil?     nil   end

  def address=(value)     self.addresses = if self.addresses.nil?     self.addresses << value   end end

the guy who wrote the second article reference, Ryan Heneise, is working on a patch for Rails to add the has_one :through.

In my case I have an address table that is linked to a few tables within the database. It turns out that in my case polymorphic association is probably the best bet anyway.

Thanks for letting me know though, I am sure the plugin will come in handy someday.