Is the acts_as_taggable plugin still relevant?

I believe acts_as_taggable (along with simply_helpful and some others)
has been rolled into Edge rails. There is no replacement, it is now
part of the core. If you are not using Edge you can use the the folder. Any
documentation you find on acts_as_taggable should still be relevant.

No, 1.2.3 is an official release, Edge isn’t (it’s every revision that came after 1.2.3)

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Peter De Berdt

Chris Bloom wrote:

Looks like I either have to roll my own or install one of the Gem versions.

This is what "we" (me) use:

It's good.

Anyone have thoughts on acts_as_taggable_on_steroids v.s
scalable_acts_as_taggable (
scalable_acts_as_taggable)? With these different versions it has me
slightly confused :slight_smile:

I had used acts_as_taggable_on_steroids for my web application
I write about that on my blog

It still works fine though. I upgraded an app to Rails 2.0.2 last
night and had to get acts_as_taggable working with it again. Only
problem I ran into was having to add :join_table to my
acts_as_taggable call in the model.

And I also had to change instances of blog.tag_count to blog.tags.size