Is 'position' a magical field?

I'm looking at the typo (blog software) source. The categeries table has a position field which holds the order that the categories should appear on the blog. The field appears automagically populated when creating a new record or deleting an existing record, i.e., when a new category is added, its position is set to 1+max(position), and when a category is deleted, all the positions are reordered to 1..numberofrecords. But I don't see how or where this is done.

In category.rb there's a method to reorder the categories, but this is not called either on new or destroy.

I put a position field in my own table, but it's always nil. I'm stumped.

acts_as_list ?

D'oh! Somehow I missed that. It's only the first line in the model :slight_smile:

noob is as noob does! thanks