Is normal or a best practice to have chained scopes in controllers actions?

Hey, there!

I’m pretty new to Rails so this may be a really stupid question but, I googled it and found just one specific reference ( In the application I’m working on there are some controller actions chaining scopes like this:

@results =

Is it normal? There are best practices on chaining scopes like: you can chain maximum 2 scopes?


Composing scopes is completely normal - they are clear, easy to test and
can serve as building blocks. What you need to keep in mind is to keep your
code DRY.

For example, if you have an e-commerce site selling guitars and from the
data you see that high-end left-handed guitars are most often bough by male
left-handed adults then you don't want to litter the code with multiple
occurrences of ``. This is an implementation
detail. You should define a scope (or a class method)
`Person.best_high_end_left_handed_buyers` and define it to equal
``. If requirements change at a later point in
time you can just change the definition. (Alternatively you can define a
private method that returns the scope in your controller).

TL;DR: It's normal to chain scopes but keep your code DRY and make your
code express your intent.

I think we’re missing DRY but this is the answer I was looking for! Thanks, Greg!