Is it possible to use a site layout *without* a controller?

I'm in the process of doing some front-end design and planning, and
the thought has occurred to me that I'd like to make use of the
layouts in my Rails application for static assets. In other words,
some one may go to, and instead of bringing up a
specific controller and action, I'd like it to simply render a
straight-up HTML page *inside* the yield block of a given layout.

Is there any way to do this without using a controller? It seems like
a bit of a waste of space and resources to fire up a full controller
stack just to have the benefit of static HTML and assets being
rendered inside a layout's yield block.

Would Rails Metal be the only way to do this, or is there a simpler
solution? Thanks for any information you can provide!

If all you want is to render static HTML, I suggest using nanoc from, and use thin to serve it, and Maybe nginx to act as a front.