Is it possible to include the username in an attachment file_name? Using Paperclip, Rails 3., Devise

Well, no, it more likely has to do with the line of code pointed out in the error message :wink:

lol. I meant, If i replace self.inventory.instance_write(:inventory_file_name, “#{:current_user}#{extension}”) for

self.inventory.instance_write(:inventory_file_name, "#{SecureRandom.hex(16)}#{extension}")
the error disappears but, the file_name doesn't change. it seems to be saving as :rails_root/tmp/uploaded_files/inventories/:basename_.:extension ignoring the self.inventory.instance_write(:inventory_file_name, "#{SecureRandom.hex(16)}#{extension}") line

I read this:

and it could work, but I have no idea how to do have a reference in your model to user table (say user_id), you can do sth like that attachment.instance.user_id

Could someone please give me an example?

Are you also removing the assignment to current_user when you do that? Because that's where the error comes from.

What is inventory_file_name? Why do you expect that setting it will actually set the file name?