Is it possible to have nested rails apps for completely different sites?


I have a host (A2 Hosting) that allows me to point different domains
at sub-folders for sub-domain hosting. I'd like to be able to run
diferent rails apps in each of those folders and one in the root also.
I figure I just need to make sure that the first url framgment never
has the name of a sub-folder/site set as a route name.

Any advice for me? It's Mongrel and I seriously don't know much about
that. Is this even possible?

- matt

I don’t think it would be a problem to use a subdomain-name as a route:

If someone hits, the host will route the web-request to the application at /bob

If someone hits, it will route the request to the application at , and pass /bob to the routing mechanism.

I don’t see where you’re going to run into routing problems.

I see. One thing I just realized... the subdomain are setup
differently on this server. They're, well not really sub-domains but
add-ons. The server name is completely different (not a sub.parent
type name). A2 Hosting says to use ln -s rails-app/public public_html,
does that seem like the best way to deploy this? Using links in this
setup could be a problem no?

Thanks for your help,


Not sure, I have no experience with deployment of this nature.
The only advice I can give you is to try out the Rails Deployment group/list/forum… it can be found online at

Thank you.