Is it enough fast? Need caching solution


I'm developing my web-application(with AS for admin pages, Globalized,
will_paginate,...). I'm trying to switch to production mode just to see is
it enough fast? I got a 21-32(for some simple pages - 61) reqs/per second. I
don't know is fast!?! I'm trying to use caching(i have read one tutorials)
but caching in rails it's not described well. May be there some articles how
to cache in RoR. I have 6+ models which i want to cache when i create them.
I read about sweepers but i still don't know how to use them.

Thanks for any help

For cache, you can read Rails Envy tutorial [1]. It has got very useful informations.



Thanks for reply

Yeahh I know about this tutorial, but i still can't understand rails
sweepers. How they works? Can i use one sweeper to manage few models?