Is choosing css=tailwind in rails 7.alpha2 restricting your css to only tailwind?

I decided to try out rails 7.alpha2 and don’t know where to ask questions so I’ll try here.

I have 3 more or less private application using rail 6.x. I moved all my coffeescript to stimulus a few years ago and adopted webpacker - with some pain. I also added tailwind.css to one of the applications recently, mixed with W3css and my own css. I’ve watched DHH’s videos on rails 7 and duplicated the demo’s then tried to add some of my dependancies. That’s where the questions come from. I only have three node dependancies left stimulus-flatpickr, stimulus-autocomple, and flatpickr.

I fist tried importmap for javascript. pinned stimulus-flapickr but couldn’t get it to register. Might of been because of a stimulus 3.0 version that I found out about later.

I then did an esbuild version and got stimulus-flatpickr to register, but no css. With webpacker you had to do a @import "flatpickr/dist/flatpickr.css";, but that was in an scss file.

As a band-aid, I copied the flatpickr.css file from the node modules and stuck it in stylesheets directory and tried to import it from the 'application.tailwind.css` file. That give an application_controller routing error.

The only way I could get stimulus-flatpickr to work was to append the content of flatpickr.css to the application.tailwind.css file.

So what if I want to keep some of W3css, would I have to make my band-aid and big bandage?!!

Also can’t find a way to add custom components to tailwind.css. That was in JS in webpacker and don’t see an option in the rails7 version.

After playing with it for a few days I think I’ll wait until the dust settles before I try anything other than just a quick demo. It just raises a lot of question on “How do you do x?” that I can’t find the answers.