Is anyone working on an ActiveJob adapter for Ractors in Ruby 3.0?

Wondering how long it’ll be until we can take advantage of the new async stuff coming up in Ruby.


I’m the author of GoodJob; I plan to support Ractors once Ractors are supported in Rails. I’ve also seen Mike Perham mention similarly about Sidekiq.

There is quite a lot of plumbing, not just in Rails, but also in Ruby libraries and the ecosystem, that will need to become Ractor-compatible. It’s exciting times.

…that being said, I’m curious what kind of workload you’re looking forward to Ractors fo? I’ve found Rails multi-threading to be stable and performant for my background processing needs which are primarily bottlenecked on Database and network IO.

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I’m looking forward to Ractors because I have little confidence that most gems and my own code are truly thread safe.