Is ActioveResource suitable for use eBay/PayPal api's?

I've been having a play with eBay and PayPal API calls and am happily
getting xml responses using Net::HTTP calls but now I'm wondering if I
can use ActiveResource instead.

I've created a very basic ActiveResource class that has set to
a full url that returns xml data in a browser window


So I have a very basic active resource class that looks like this

class EbayResource < ActieResource::Base =

From the console I just try calling .find(:all) and .get(:all) but get
302 redirected responses with page not found messages.

Like I say with the correct SECURITY-APPNAME param set it works fine in
a browser just not from an ActiveResource class.

Obviously I could be doing this totally wrong and searching through
railscasts, Rails docs and other resources has turned up noting that I
can make any sense of and it makes me wonder if ActiveResource is
suitable for non REST style api calls.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.



From this page: