Invites redirect to second last page not to the last page

I try to use the Invites on my Account Preferences and it redirects to the second last page and if I open Account Preferences to a new tab it doesn’t redirect.

Sample scenario I:

Sample scenario II:

  • open Profile page
  • click Invites
  • see Error Page
  • click Go Back
  • not redirected to Profile page
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Same here. I’ve disabled all my blockers assuming they might be breaking some JS, yet got the same error.

Not sure if it is related, but does return invalid_access:

  "errors": ["You are not permitted to view the requested resource."],
  "error_type": "invalid_access"

Thanks heaps for the report … we will get this sorted ASAP and report back once fixed.


Hi Yosef,

The issue here was that user should not be seeing “Invites” tab until they have the permission to send invites (trust level 2 and above). This is fixed on latest Discourse version and we have deployed the fix here.

Thanks for reporting this issue! :+1:


Hi @techAPJ now I can’t see the Invites on my Profile page. How about the redirects to the second last page, is it fixed too?

That is because you are not eligible for sending invites yet (neither am I). For sending invites user must have trust level of 2 or above.

Yes, that should be fixed as well now because there are no broken tabs on user profile page.

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