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What does the below line says

ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken (ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken): -e:2:in `load’ -e:2

Please guide me

What does the below line says

ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken (ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken): -e:2:in `load' -e:2

Rails tries to protect against invalid form submission by setting an authenticity token. It does this automatically if you use the form helpers, but if you hard code a form or it's doing something odd (built with javascript, cached and displayed on multiple pages, etc..) the token won't get sent.

Go look at a normal rails form and you'll see a hidden field in the form "authenticity_token".

You can tell your controller to ignore it or you can add it yourself.

For example in one of my forms built from jss and using ajax I pass this along...

  submitdata: {<%= request_forgery_protection_token.to_s %>: '<%= form_authenticity_token.to_s %>'}

In another form which doesn't use the Rails helpers so doesn't get the token set automatically I simply include this b/n my form tags:

<%= token_tag %>

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You can easily handle this in a generic way for all custom javascript (without having to add it manually every time):

In your main layout html , put:

Then in public/javascripts/application.js, add (assuming that you using Prototype, similar options should exist for just about any javascript framework out there):

Ajax.Base.prototype.initialize = Ajax.Base.prototype.initialize.wrap(

function(p, options){


this.options.parameters = this.options.parameters || {};

this.options.parameters.authenticity_token = window._token || '';



Problem solved, no need to ever worry about it again.

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