Interesting question

I have an interesting question and I am not sure if it is even possible to accomplish but thought would give you guys a look at it.

I have four objects here 2 Teams and 2 AthleteTeams associations

what I need to do is test to see if the team objects are = to the associations

#<Team:0x007fcbe117cfa0> #<Team:0x007fcbe117ca00> #<AthleteTeam:0x007fcbe0ff44f8> #<AthleteTeam:0x007fcbe0ff3d50>

here are the four objects need to do something that says does AthleteTeam.include(team)

any help would be appreciated.

What do you mean by the Team being equal to the AthleteTeam? They are different classes so cannot be equal. Do you mean that the team belonging to the athleteteam is that team? If so then something like if = should do the trick.