Integration Test File Uploads

Does anybody know how to upload files in RoR Integration Tests?

I have seen lots on simulating uploads with Functional and Unit tests, but all efforts I have made so far do not encode the files as multipart form-data so they end up as a string.

I suspect I need to encode my post but don't see how this can be done in the API.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Check out :

Check out : Peak Obsession

that doesn't help with integration testing, because the TestUploadedFile instance gets transformed into a string, yielding a

NoMethodError (undefined method `content_type' for "#<ActionController::TestUploadedFile:0xa6ff4848>":String)

in the controller expecting an uploaded file.


Rails Cookbook also has a recipe for testing file upload, you may want to check it out. Only rough cut version is available now.

I just built a small plugin for this - have a look at it there: