instance method scope

Hello, I am confused about the scope of the instance method "authenticated?" in the class shown below (it's defined in the application controller). It does not seem to be available in the block initialising my active scaffold but it is available inside the method "foo".

How can I gain access to the method in the initialisation block?

Many thanks!

class ItemController < ApplicationController   active_scaffold :item do |config|

    columns[:category].ui_type = :select

    if authenticated?       p "authenticated"       config.label = "Manage Items"     else       p "not authenticated"       config.label = "Search"       config.list.columns = [ :description, :address_posttown ]       columns[:address_posttown].label = "Town"     end   end

  before_filter :foo   def foo     if authenticated?       p "authenticated"     else       p "not authenticated"     end   end


I misunderstood the initialisation order of classes vs instances but I understand that now :slight_smile: