installing Ruby On Rails on Centos

hi all,
i am trying to install Ruby on rails on Centos,but giving following error for gcc complier
“gcc compiler is missing”
is there any other alternative to install Ruby on rails on Centos or steps to install ruby on rails on Centos ?

try to install those packages

yum install gcc gcc-c++
and install ruby then rails. or install usign rvm [](

Ahmy Yulrizka

If you go the rvm way (which I certainly would advice), you
may also look at the rvmsh project for inspiration. I think it
was quite well tested by Bryan on a .rpm based distribution

(Fedora in that case).


For the base install I recommend the Slicehost guides:

Part 2 includes:

sudo yum groupinstall 'Development Tools'

They also have guides for installing RoR and other software.