install RoR on Mac OS X

Hi all.. i'm newbie... i want to know about how to install RoR on my IBook G4 (Mac OS X).

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Honestly, I would check out Locomotive to get you up and running quickly. Locomotive is basically a package that includes all of the software you need (minus the database) to get started with Rails. Once you have a grasp of the technologies and understand more about Rails, that’s when I’d look into building the setup on your system piece by piece.


so, is it means that if i choose to install locomotive i will skip a big steps of installation like: XCode, Mongrel, Ruby, Rubygems…etc…?

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That depends on what's included with Locomotive I suppose. I personally prefer to install RoR using the Hivelogic method. It works really well and very easy to do. Just follow the instructions (copy paste) basically, and you'll have a great running install and know exactly what you have. I hightly recommend building it yourself. And by installing Xcode you actually get some very nice tools to boot (Xcode itself, gcc compiler and lots of other goodies).

Robert thanks for the advice… actually i have read Hivelogic method since 2 weeks ago but really i was very very desperated because i cannot download XCode 2.4.1 from ADC Website. I dunno why but i think it’s becaused my internet connection that very weak.

And now, my question is, is it possible to setup RoR by Hivelogic method using XCode 2.4.1 below version because in my Mac DVD, i cant find XCode 2.4.1 installer (Mine is iBook G4).

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Look for the installer on your "installation / restore" disks that came with your ibook, I have version 2.2.1 and compile it with it and worked great.

I would recommend also to go with Locomotive first, then when you feel confident compile all RoR from scratch, also it will take like an hour or so.


Roberto Ruiz

Thanks Robert… I’ll try…