Insert NULL into MySQL "time" not 00:00:00

Ok I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I have a table that holds a bunch of times, however when I don't fill in the text box that passes it's input on to the variables, rails defaults to 00:00:00, which is bad, because that's midnight.

I'm pretty sure I'm doing somethign wrong, and I'm even thinking of using the date_select helper and diplaying a Drop down list for Hours and Minutes....

My question is, is there a way to default the input to NULL instead of 00:00:00 when the user leaves the text box empty, and/or will using the date_select with :blank => true input Null if no time is selected?


I've done that... all the time fields are set to NULL yes...

It still puts 00:00:00

Can I set the default to Null?

sw0rdfish wrote:

Can I set the default to Null?

ACtually NySQL defaults to Null, because if I used Navicat and insert a line, w/o putting anything in for the times, it puts Null.

I've since changed my text boxes to a modified version of datetime_select called time_select that removes the date portion.... I still get 00:00:00 put in when I choose a blank time.