Inline attachments appear as downloadables


I'm attempting to generate emails with inline attachments. I'm using Action Mailer 4.1.6 and the attachment.inline method, but for some reason all of my attachments are coming through as regular downloadable attachments, not as inline attachments. Here's the relevant code:

In emails_mailer.rb:

def send_email(email)     attachments.inline['receipt.jpg'] = {:data =>"public/items/receipt.jpg").force_encoding("BINARY"), :mime_type => "image/jpg"}     mail(to: email.recipient, subject: "Email sent on #{}", body: email.body) end

In send_email.html.erb:

<%= image_tag attachments['receipt.jpg'].url %>

I've tried the solutions found here:

Still, the email always comes through as a downloadable image. I'm using Rails 4.1.6.

Any advice or pointers in the right direction?

I notice that you're not setting the encoding to base64 as suggested in the first link you posted.

Also, have you examined the actual email raw source as delivered? Even after get the image properly encoded inline, it's up to the email client whether or not it decides to actually display it inline.

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