Inject XML into page and tranform with XSL


Is it possible to recieve an xml repsonse from my rails app, and then,
client side, inject the xml into the page without reloading and have it
apply an xslt? Like an AJAX call, but ajax is unavailable to me.

My very limited understanding suggests that xslt is only done at run time in safari at least.

If I can’t get thsi to work the other option I’ve thought of is to use
Javascript to transform the xml in very predetermined ways. This
doesn’t appeal to me though.

Anyone have any pointers?


I wouldn't rely on xsl being available in your client's browsers,
unless you control what browser they run (in a corporation perhaps).

That would be nice if I could do it server side, but then I would just use normal views and not worry about the xml at all.

I had a feeling that would be the case. Oh well. Looks like I’ll have to come at it differently.