Inheritance problem on site5


I’ve uploaded my web application to site5 recently and I’ve encountered a big inheritance problem.

My application has an abstract model Media that is inherited by several
other models (such as Post, Picture, Event). I’ve created this
structure in order to use only one controller for the comments on these
classes. As some of these classes allow users to upload a picture on
amazon s3 using Paperclip, I’ve put the has_attachment attribute inside
my Media model, and the validates_attachment_presence attribute only on
the models that really use it.

The problem I have is that, as opposed to when I used my personal
computer as the Rails server, on site5 any of the classes inheriting
Media and that do not have an attachment displays an error when I
submit the create or edit form, to warn me that the attachment Image
must be present.

Why do I have this error message, although I’m pretty confident that my configuration is correct ?

Thank you for your help, and excuse my English (if you didn’t understand a part of the above, don’t hesitate to ask precisions)


Did you try to change the environment in your computer from
development to production and run the application that way? Maybe the
problem is seeing only in production mode and you can reproduce it.