inferred_routes plugin

Hi --

I've written a little plugin -- consisting entirely of modifications
to define_url_helper in ActionController -- which will infer nested
named RESTful route components from one object.

For example, given a nest like this:

   map.resources :schools do |s|
     s.resources :departments do |d|
       d.resources :teachers

instead of doing this:

   teacher_url(@school, @department, @teacher)

the plugin lets you do:


and it infers that you really want:

   teacher_url(, @teacher.department, @teacher)

It's very much a "see if people like it" kind of thing. So let me

You can get it via subversion from:


Hi --


one more question before you put your sword to rest : what about
polymorphic associations?

   map.resources :articles do |article|
      article.resources :comments
   map.resources :photos do |photo|
      photo.resources :comments

In this case,
should translate to something like
    comments_url(@comment.commentable_id, @comment)
(?? and what about the 'commentable_type)

I must confess I'm a REST newbie, so I'm not sure at all REST can work
with polymorphism.