In-place edit with Rails3

(I hope this is no double post, I a.) can’t find my own post in the search and b.) never got any answers)
Currently I want to implement in-place editing directly on the index-page (for the sake of learning just xx products with a name to be edited).
These are my favorite links from yesterday’s research (for the archives):
On the spot is a Rails3 compliant unobtrusive javascript in-place-editing plugin:
(, (
Rails 3 Remote Links and Forms: A Definitive Guide: (and the same with JQuery:
Edit-in-place with Rails 3 and Prototype:
Creating a 100% ajax CRUD using rails 3 and unobtrusive javascript:

Debugging AJAX:

I want to ask, what you consider the best way to implement in my application with respect to easy implementation, robustness, cross-browser capabilities (modern browsers only) and with a promising future.