In datetime_select, :order does not work, but it works for date_select Why

Hi All

In my project I am to take date of birth from user so I used datetime_select. It renders three selection boxes, year, month and day. But I want order as day, month and year. I added :order option for datetime_select, it renders normal selection boxes with order year, month and day. Why :order does not work with datetime_select? see my following code

<%= datetime_select(:user2, :date_of_birth, `
                                                :discard_hour => true, `
`                                                :start_year => 2000,`
`                                                :end_year => 1910, :order => [:day
, :month, :year])`
`                                                %>

here :order is ineffective.

Also I want to add id for every select box generated, Please tell em if there is any way to do that.

Anil Wadghule