Improved find syntax in rails

Hey guys, I was told to move discussion to the mailing list so that is
what I am doing. I recently started working with merb and datamapper and
I am really fond of moving the super simple conditions syntax over to

Here is the (closed) ticket:

Here are some examples of the syntax in action:

Person.find(:all, :conditions => { => 30, => "%name%"
Person.all(:conditions => { :name => "Bob", => 25 }) #
returns all records that match 'all' conditions
Person.all(:conditions => { :name.eql => "Bob", => 25 })
Person.all(:conditions => { => "%ob%", :age.lte => 55 })
Person.all(:conditions => { => "%ob%", => [55, 56,
57] })
Person.all(:conditions => { => "%ob%", :age.not => [55, 56,
57] })

While, I have built a plugin that works with Rails 2.1 and below, this
functionality is so simple and so elegant, I am interested in trying to
get this into rails core.

Also, I find that this area is constantly changing which requires
constant maintenance of the plugin. I believe this simple fix would be
better suited to being in rails and it would benefit a lot of people
when they first start building queries.

The plugin is here:

If I was willing to create the patch and the associated tests, would
this be able to be accepted into rails? Any thoughts or suggestions on
the matter?

I forgot to mention that in the ticket, it is mentioned this may be
redundant effort because of the plugin here:

Now I could be wrong but while this plugin seems useful as does this:

Both seem a bit too heavy handed to be part of the actual rails
codebase. I am not convinced all that should be within the rails core. I
am convinced that the simple ability to use conditions hashes while
being given the added flexibility of greater-than, less-than, like, not,
etc should be.

Pratik probably meant the rails-core list (which is explicitly about
development of rails itself) as opposed to this general more usage
oriented list. Not that there's anything wrong with posting here, but
the readership will be different.


That's a fair point. Is it a problem if I double post this?

That's a fair point. Is it a problem if I double post this?

Other than 7 generations of bad luck I don't think anyone will mind :slight_smile: