Import of YAML files during rake?

I want to import yaml files in to my project.

I have tried with fixtures, but it deletes the current data of the
I need a way to import yaml filen in to a exsistant table.


If you want to load yaml data into your development database, for
instance, you can add migrations to do this.
In db/migrate you should have the migration files for your tables
which you created when you generated your models. Let's suppose you
are loading to the 'users' table then you might run:
% script/generate migration LoadUserData

Migration file might look like this:

Thanx, but using fixtures_create removes the current contense of the
This is not for devel, this is in the production enviroment.


I've only used the technique I mentioned to populate the table in its
totality. If you're appending data to a table, you could perhaps
create a loading table as a copy of the table you're loading to (sql:
create <loading-table> as select * from <table> where 1=0; (not sure
if it works on every db) / or do it the migration way). Use the
fixture technique discussed to load it with data from your yaml file.
Then run an insert sql statement: 'insert into <table> select * from

I hate it when people think out of the box, and comes up with a
perfect simple solution.
Perfect, thanx for the help.