ImageScience/attachment_fu on MediaTemple

Hey all,

I’m attempting to get a small project running on
MediaTemple using attachment_fu on one of my models. I assumed that
image_science would be the way to go, since MediaTemple provides a
customized version for their Rails Container. I installed it and all of
the pre-reqs (hoe, etc) from the MT gem (
server, and all appeared to be well. However, when I fire up irb and
require ‘image_science’ it barfs on the FreeImage.h include. I know
that FreeImage needs to be installed for ImageScience to work, since ImageScience
uses FreeImage for the actual processing. However, it appears that MT
doesn’t have it installed. Has anyone managed to get this to work on

Also, I thought about falling back to RMagick instead, but
they don’t have a pre-compiled version for the container, and I can’t
compile one because it can’t find ImageMagick.

Any ideas would be appreciated…


Have you tried calling their tech support?