Images, Stylesheets, Javascripts are not loading on server

Hi all,
       Recently i hosted on rails website. Rails version is 3.0.10.
The application is still in the development phase. so i set Rails.env
= 'development'
Problem is that all the files in public folder are not accessible in
the browser. All the images and stylesheets are appearing. Any clue
where is it going wrong?

Did you check permissions on the server? What does Firebug or Safari Web Console say about the URL? Does it give a missing error or a permissions denied error?


Yes i checked them with firebug and its giving the error 'failed to
load the given url" but the same image urls on localhost are working

And regarding file permissions, all the folders are having 755 and all
files(atomic) are having 644. That is Cent OS VPS, and case sensitive.
But i did everything fine as far as i know.

Infact some images and stylesheets are having 600, but they should be
644. I changed and now working fine.