images not displaying

Hi all,
configured ror successfully,recently.
In my sample application i want to display some images.I am placing
the images in public\images folder and giving link to the image using
img tag in my html code. But images are not displaying instead a blank
image is displaying where did it gone wrong.....pls help...

Hay Venkata,

can you please share the code of your controller corresponding to the image object? and also the code you wrote for displaying image in your action/view file ?

So I might try to find out the problem and the solution:)

Best Wishes “Shuvecha”

Hi ahmed,
controller code:class HomeController < ApplicationController
  def index

actullay i created a created a home controller and changed the
routing.everthing in the html code is reflecting but images are not
getting displayed.
and see the below html code i written for displaying the image


<p>Hi All</p>
<img src=*C:\rails-projects\insert_static\public\images\bg.gif*
width="800" height="600" />

If you have images in public/images just reverence by
src="/images/bg.gif" (don't forget the leading /). Alternatively use
image_tag( "bg.gif" ) which will look in public/images.


thank u worked...