ImageMagick, passenger, rails, attachement_fu doesn't resize

Hi guys!

So after a couple of months of development today I am finaly deploying!
(WOOHOO great day).
But i am stuck with a problem I can't seem to fix:

First of all in development all is working perfectly.
In deployment on my server it isn't though!. I use attachment_fu and i
am able to upload
pictures but the pictures are not resizing.

There is nothing in the production log or in de apache error log.
I am using ImageMagick with Mini_magick, Passenger and Attachement_fu.
So I can upload (no problem) but for some reason the images don't
resize! like i told attachement fu to do.

Also i read and Google my ass and found some thing about Apache export
you need to add or something. But so far i don't know what to do at this

Thanxs in advance for any advise!

The symptoms are those of attachment_fu not being able to run the ImageMagick “convert” command properly.

Check the following on your deployment server:

  • ImageMagick working correctly from the command line (google for a command line example and use it on an image file)

  • ImageMagick command line utils being in the unix PATH (“which convert” on Linux/MacOS X should give you a valid path)

  • Appropriate permissions on the folders where attachment_fu does its thing

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

Apparently that’s ok too, since you wouldn’t be able to do “convert blahblahblah” unless convert is actually in the unix path. Out of ideas at the moment, if something springs to mind, I’ll let you know.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt