image uploads

The main advantages of storing images in database for me is that:
- images are treated the same way as any other data
- no need to juggle with file system operations (especially deleting
image files from filesystem)
- very easy to move and backup data (just backup database, and not
database _plus_ images directory)

I personally use FlexImage, which in turn relies on RMagick, which in
turn requires either GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick to be installed,
which in turn.. :slight_smile: But once you build the whole chain at least once,
this is actually the easiest setup I have ever used.

Also, kind of off-topic, but I've heard you're better of as Mongrel as
a web-server, especially during the development period. There were
stories when Webrick didn't reload changed files and stuff like that..
Myself, I use Mongrel on both development (plain mongrel) and
production (mongrel cluster) systems.