Image upload

It worked fine for me until yesterday. As soon as I upload an image of more than 700 KB and resize it, something goes wrong. The original large image is kept, stored without a content_type, it’s not resized and no thumbnails were generated. The images are all an original nikon digital camera shot, the files range from 700-1024 KB.

We’ve replaced RMagick with MiniMagick, thinking it was somehow related to memory usage (even though I am still testing on a PowerBook with 1 GB of RAM, so RAM shouldn’t be a problem), but it wasn’t. Just running the mogrify (ImageMagick) command through the command line resized the image without a problem. Somehow I get a feeling it’s not acts_as_attachment related, but I have no idea where to look anymore.

And yes, I really need to be able to support resizing very large images :slight_smile:

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Peter De Berdt

please paste some code, it's easier to help you in that way.
it's not a Rmagick problem, i resize images sized over 10MB with no

Did you view source on the form? According to the docs, you pass the “:multipart => true” in as a hash, change that and you will be fine. As for the image changes with file_column, in your model put, file_column :some_column, :magick => { :geometry => ‘100x100’ }

I got the error “No Action Responded” when I didn’t setup the multipart correctly